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Everneath by Brodi Ashton

18 Mar

I know, I know. There are approximately 2.5 million billion trillion teen paranormal romances out there, so why should anyone give a damn about another one, namely Brodi Ashton’s debut novel, Everneath? Well, because it’s good and different and because I say so.

Six months ago Nikki Beckett, driven by all-consuming grief of mysterious origin, disappeared with Cole, a charismatic indie rock star. Six months ago in Earth years, that is; for Nikki it was more like one hundred years cocooned with Cole, who is an “Everliving,” a being who feasts on human emotions and energy in exchange for immortality. When the century-long energy Feed ends with Nikki still alive and notably unhaggard, Cole offers to let her rule the underworld, or Everneath, with him, but instead she chooses to return to the surface even though she has little to no memory of her human life. Despite spending the past hundred years being fed upon via energetic osmosis, Nikki is driven by the need to seek redemption, to make things right between herself and her loved ones after her disappearance. The catch? She only has six months on the surface before the Everneath claims her again, this time forever.

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Must love (teen) books.

21 Feb

So, there are about one million and a half book blogs out there, so I figured, why not! I’ll make another one. Contrary to a friend’s advice, I am not going to make my book blog unique by doing nude video reviews in which I rate books with varying degrees of my exposed body. Funny as it would be to give a book “two tits out,” I do like being employed in a capacity that involves working with youth, which means I’m going to have to rely on my witty and unique voice to win me some readers. Plus, you know, blackmailing my friends into promoting me and stuff.

Why should anyone care what I think about a book, ever? Well, you shouldn’t, but! As a librarian I make a living from engaging with the wide world of bookwormdom, I read a shit ton, I write a shit ton, I have a degree in English,  and I just plain like writing about books. In other words, I’ve spent enough of my life thinking and talking about books to make what I believe to be valid judgments of other people’s work, and I don’t really care whether any of you anonymous readers agree with me. OR DO I???

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